Fillet Knives – These are made from 1/16th inch thick stock for added flexibility.   They are either hollow ground or convex ground. I like to make these with Micarta handles and stainless hardware for durability.  I make 3 sizes of fillet knives.  The 9-inch model with a green Micarta handle and stainless hardware is priced at $225, The 6 ¼ inch model with black Micarta handle and stainless hardware is $200, and the 4 ½ inch model with tan Micarta handle is $185.  

Guard-less Fighter – This is a 5- inch double edge fighter.  The blade is Alabama Damascus. The bolsters are stainless steel.  The handle is ivory Micarta.  Price as shown $400.

Florida Caper – This is a light weight, guard-less model made from 1/8 inch stock.  The blade is 2 ¾ inches long with a 3¾ inch handle.  These knives are favored by folks who want a knife on hand that is small enough not to be noticed yet ready for whatever comes along.  This model sells more than any other.   This is an assortment of Florida Capers with various Micarta handle material.  

Base Price: $165

K-9 Model - This model was developed with law enforcement to meet their needs.  The blade is 3 3/4 inches long and can be made with or without bolsters.  The price as shown with bolsters is $325.

Our Catalog

Drop Point Hunter – This is our version of the classic drop point.  The blade is about 3 1/2 inches long with a handle length of 4 1/2 inches.  The blade is 7/8 inch wide and made from 5/32 inch stock. The knife is a full tapered tang design, meaning the blade is the full width of the handle and the metal within the handle is tapered from full thickness at the guard to around 1/16th inch at the end of the handle.  This reduces unnecessary weight and makes a quality product.

Base Price: $250

BK Skinner- This knife is made from 5/32 inch stock.  The blade is just over 3 inches long and 1 1/8th inches wide.  The knife shown is made from Damascus steel with a stabilized maple burl handle and stainless steel bolsters and pins.   I also make these without the bolster.  Price as shown $375.

Fighting Knives

Fighting knives, boot knives, and bowie knives, are all considered weapons.  Be sure of your local laws before ordering.  That said, I make combat and tactical knives in a variety of styles.  

Standard 8-inch Fighter - These are double edged made from ¼ inch stock 1 ¼ inch wide. This one has ivory Micarta scales, stainless pins and a stainless guard. 

 Base Price:  $550.

Push Dagger – I make push daggers in a variety of sizes and shapes with either single or double edges.  Sheaths can be made from leather or Kydex and set up for belt or neck carry.  Prices start at $150 for a single edged stainless knife with Micarta handle. 

Romeis Knives LLC

Three Finger Knives- As the name implies, these knives are just long enough for 3 man-sized fingers.  Made from 1/8th inch stock, the blades are about 2 3/4 inches long with a 3 ¼ inch long handle.

Price as shown is $150

RBK Tactical Knife – Fashioned from ¼ inch steel, this double edged knife is 7 ½ inches long.  The handle is black Micarta.  A stainless steel bolster is optional on this knife.  Price as shown $500.

The KM knife - The blade is 5 ¼ inches long with an overall length of 11 ¼ inches.  Prices start at $200.

Semi Skinner – This blade features an upsweep in the point and a larger belly for skinning. The blade is 3 ¾ inches long and 7/8 inches wide.  The model shown has a mirror finish, stabilized snake wood handle scales, stainless guard and handle bolts.  This model has been quite popular over the years.       

 Base Price: $250

Retro Hunter – Styled after classic knives of the past, this model has a 4 ½ inch blade with a false edge on the back.  The guard is brass with an antique ivory Micarta spacer and stag handle.  Price as shown $375.

This is a 5 1/2 inch fighter in 440C steel.  The handle is black canvas Micarta with stainless steel hardware.  Price as shown $400.

Trail Hatchet

The trail hatchet was made for backpackers, campers, and hunters who need a light-weight tool for chores around camp.  Made from ¼ inch thick 5160 tool steel the hatchet can be had with either a paracord wrap handle or Micarta handle scales.  These blades have been coated with Cerakote to protect the steel from rust. The price for these starts at $200.

Jaeger – This knife features 3 inch blade with wide stainless bolsters.  Crafted from 5/32 inch stock, the blade is ¾ inch wide.   A single finger groove keeps your fingers from sliding forward onto the blade.  Many of these are ordered with stag handles as shown here.  

Base Price: $225.  Price as shown with stag $265.


Narrow Tang Knives:  Many of the knives I make from Damascus steel are narrow tang knives. Some of the more popular styles are shown below.

Griggs Skinner - This knife features a tight point, a false edge on the back, and serrations to help keep your thumb from slipping.  There is a cutout in front of the guard.  The blade is 4½ inches long.  Price as shown with Damascus steel and stag $375.

Recurve skinner – The blade is 4 inches long.  This one features a stainless guard with a stabilized maple burl handle.  Price as shown with Damascus steel and burl wood $350..

Martial Arts Knives – I have worked with Chris Derbaum and Justin Miller (  to produce a knife used in Kuntao.  I have also worked with Dan Lowman on a knife style used Filipino Martial Arts.  They are listed below.

Gambit is the name that I use to describe this knife.  It is made from either 440C stainless steel or Alabama Damascus.  The blade is 2 ¾ inches with an overall length of 7 ¼ inches.  Stainless blades can be had with the brushed finish or a media blast, non-reflective finish.  Stainless bolsters are an option on these knives. They can be had with leather or Kydex sheaths.  Prices start at $180.

Kitchen Cutlery -  I make chef’s knives, a variety of small kitchen knives, and sometimes cleavers.  These are made of either stainless or Damascus steel with various handle materials.  

Chef’s Knives – These are 7 ½ inch long made from Damascus steel.  The knife with the brass bolster has Snakewood handle scales.  The other is ivory Micarta with fancy mosaic pins.  Prices for Damascus blades start at $140.